25 August 2014

What Are The Things Have To Check Before Your Directory Submission?

What is Directory Submission:

It is a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) off page optimization. It is a process of submitting your Website URL  to website related Directory for getting Back link from them.

1. Try to give homepage to the directory submission, because most of the directories inner link in not be approved.

2. Title:

Don’t use any promotional languages (i.e. best, good), special symbols (like #1,!!) and your domain name like example.com in the tiles

Good Title:
Collection of SEO Link building Sites

3. Description: (200-250 characters)

*Avoid promotional language and time sensitive information (such as sale)

4. Keywords

*Avoid long tail keywords
*2-3 word phrases is generally okay.

5. Email Address;

Some directories requires confirmation link have to check it’s a human or software or else auto submission
*Avoid example@gmail.com

Better to use:


1. Check the domain age (older age is advisable)
2. Vary title and descriptions
3. Check the directories are do follow or not, no follow directories that have no values.
4. Don’t submit irrelevant category
5. Skip directories with full of AdSense and banners
6. Don’t submit your website more than once.

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